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America’s future is unclear because there aren’t enough young people involved in sustaining the family farms. This story gives you a reason why farm kids don’t see a future on the farm. Great article! Big problem…

via Feeling grateful yet? Teenage poultry farmer dishes straight talk – The Denver Post.



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The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost nearly 250 points in the first
hour of trading on Wednesday morning, the day after President Barack
Obama won re-election to a second term in office. News of poor economic
forecasts in Europe also drove the steep decline; the European Union is
now predicting that it will slide into recession.

via Downward: Stocks Crash After Obama Win.

Thanks a lot, loser Liberals! You messed us all over by re-electing this know-nothing bag of meat. I hope you enjoy it when he cuts off your food stamps because he wants to pay for another 30 million dollar golf vacation or 5 million dollar date night in Vegas. No food, no gas, no hope for a change in the downward spiral.


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